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Getting started

The chatroom is where you go online as operator for your chatbox in your website and even other operators who are online. Also, you will see your customers online in real-time.

Inside the chatroom you can choose and lock a visitor to chat with him, this we prevent conflict with any other operator online. At the same time, the chatroom allows to any operator to transfer a live conversation to other operator in case you need to.

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Teammates and groups

The operators will be other people in your team who can help you engage customers. This is specially useful when you have a lot of web traffic going on due to a advertisment campaign or SEO strategy.

In some cases you will need sales operators for your frontpage and support operatos for your support section. You can separate them using groups to deploy the support chatbox and the sales chatbox in different sections inside your web site.

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See who is online

Better than web analytics, is real-time monitoring of who is in your web site. If a customer return to your web site with the same browser, he'll be automatically recognized by Spumer.

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Review past conversations

Every conversation you and your operators teammates have with Spumer will be stored for your future review. You can also export conversations to your email and/or delete them.

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Chat more, type less.

There are some phrases we all use often, like introduction phrases; this can be macros. Assign a #keyword to your common phrase, so when you type it in chat your phrase will be used.

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Customize your chatbox

Every web design is unique and sure you want to have a chatbox that follows your company style. Choose your colors and customize your chatbox to fully integrate it with your site.

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